“John the Evangelist: Revision and Reinterpretation in Early Christian Sources”

PhD dissertation, VU Amsterdam, Dec 2017

“The manuscript evinces methodological rigor, painstaking research and keen scholarly insight. The evidentiary maze of the topic under discussion is difficult to navigate, but Mr. Furlong has shown that he is able to do so with considerable skill.”


“…in my opinion he has opened up new research questions and scholars of John will have to take this work serious in future with specific reference to external ancient sources to be engaged with in determining the possible author(s) of John’s writings.”


“… his work is exemplary of mature scholarship, acutely aware as he is of possible counterarguments and implications. Even authors who do not share his conclusions will need to engage with his observations and interpretations.”

From the Committee Report


The first part of this study was significantly revised and slightly expanded, and has been published as The Identity of John the Evangelist: Revision and Reinterpretation in Early Christian Sources (Lanham: Fortress, 2020).

The second section of the dissertation was revised and doubled in size, as a result of my discovering of additional sources and of the reorientation of the study around the figure of John/Mark as both a Markan and Johannine figure, rather than just as a potential Johannine figure. The revised version was published as The John also Called Mark: Reception and Transformation in Christian Tradition (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2020).

The interested reader is strongly encouraged to consult the newer versions of my research.