The Martyrdom of John the Son of Zebedee

The ancient calendars of the church remember the martyrdom of the apostle John, the son of Zebedee, and his brother James on December 27.

In the calendars of the ancient church, John the son of Zebedee was remembered on the 27th December (or sometimes the 28th).

One of the earliest such calendars is an Armenian one, perhaps dating from the third century, which remembers “James and John, the Sons of Thunder” on the 28th December.

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Papias: One John or Two? (Part 4)

Examining the argument that Papias was identifying the Elder John with the Apostle

Part 4: The Argument for a Single John

Some scholars argue that Papias spoke of the same John twice, thus removing any possibility that a second John, the Elder, was associated with the Johannine writings.

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